High Consumption Of Milk May Contribute To Health Problems

According to a recent study, women who drink more than two glasses of milk a day may have a higher risk of dying in the next twenty years. The study also found something contrary to past beliefs; it states that women who drink large amounts of milk daily may have an increased chance of bone fractures. Experts seem to think that the offending agent is D-galactose, a simple sugar in milk. More here

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Doctors Warn Against Prescription Painkillers

Many doctors suggest that certain prescription painkillers like Oxycontin, Percocet, and Vicodin may have serious, substantial risks, and should not be used to combat headaches or back problems. Doctors strongly advise that many drugs taken by Americans for chronic pain may lead to painkiller addiction and even overdose. Studies have found that many patients who were prescribed opioids over a 3-month time frame were still taking the drugs five years later, and in many cases taking a much higher dosage. In the last 15 years, over 100,000 people have died from abusing prescription opioids. More here

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Health Officials Warn About Enterovirus D68

Health experts continue to warn parents to watch their children for symptoms of the enterovirus D68. The elderly are also at risk. The virus has affected more than 939 people across the United States and has claimed three lives. Dr. John Young, an emergency room physician said, “anyone with a compromised immune system is going to be at risk.” Symptoms of the virus are similar to the flu and include, runny nose, skin rash, fever, body and muscle aches. More here

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Foods That May Protect Against The Flu

With flu season upon us, now is the time to start preparing your body to defend against the flu and other fall and winter sicknesses. While getting a flu shot is a popular option to protect against the virus, there are a few foods you can eat that may offer additional assistance. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc and can help fight off sickness. Tuna and sweet potatoes help strengthen your immune system. Also, mushrooms can help fight infection and are another food you may want consider adding to your diet. More here

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Older Swimmers May Have Lower Risk Of Falling

New research suggests that older adults who swim as their main physical activity may have a lower risk of falling. The research states that elderly swimmers are approximately 33% less likely to experience a serious fall. An associate professor of physical activity at the University of Western Sydney said, “unlike land-based sports, swimmers are required to create their own base of support and at the same time, to produce a coordinated movement of both upper and lower extremities.” More here

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Experimental Therapy Helping Leukemia Remission

According to a recent study, a large percentage of people who are suffering from leukemia and are close to death are responding to an experimental therapy.  The new therapy trains T-cells to kill radical blood cells, helping to diminish the cancer. Dr. Stephan Grupp, from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia said, “we’re astonished how well it turned out. It’s equally impressive in both the adult and pediatric population.” While not without serious risk, the new treatment offers hope in situations that were considered beyond help in the past. More here

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Nearing Retirement? Watch The Housing Market

If you are nearing retirement and plan to sell your home, buy a new home, or downsize, it’s a smart idea to pay attention to the housing market and educate yourself in order to make the best financial decisions. Paying attention to pending home sales, building permits, new home sales, existing homes sales, home price indexes, and housing starts may help you understand when the best times to buy and sell are. Right now the housing market is making a comeback from the recession and current long-term trends are positive, job growth has increased, there are fewer distressed sales, and homebuilder confidence is up, making it a good time for retirees or soon-to-be retirees to sell and buy. More here

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Link Found Between Sleep, Osteoarthritis, And Future Disability

According to a recent study, sleep problems caused by osteoarthritis may increase the risk of disability in the future. During the study, experts found that many who suffer from osteoarthritis also suffer from varied sleep problems. Lack of sleep contributes to depression and functional disabilities. Patricia A. Parmelee with the Center for Mental Health and Aging at The University of Alabama said, “if your pain is keeping you awake today, you’re at risk of functional decline in the future.” Experts warn that if you are experiencing sleep problems you must seek help to help avoid future problems. More here

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Life Expectancy Increasing

According to a recent government poll, Americans are now living longer than they ever have in the past. Life expectancy has increased, and death rates have fallen. Although life expectancy is on the rise, the ten leading causes of death remain the same, with cancer and heart disease topping the charts. This new data suggests that our medical care is improving, and conditions like heart disease and diabetes are better treated. More here

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Prolonged Stress May Increase Dementia Risk

A new study suggests that women who become easily distressed may be at a higher risk of developing dementia in the future. The study, published in the journal Neurology, states that women who are in their 40s that have neuroticism, a stress trait causing them to be easily stressed out for long periods of time, are twice as likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s when compared to women with low to normal levels of stress. Experts say that cognitive psychotherapy, or lifestyle modifications may  help reduce symptoms of neuroticism. More here

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