Lack Of Sleep May Effect Brain Health

According to a recent study, not getting enough sleep could shrink your brain. The study took a close look at the correlation between insomnia and other sleep disorders and brain size. Neurologist, Dr. Neal Maru said, “We know that a lack of sleep can lead to all kinds of problems. Poor sleep can affect our immune systems, our cardiovascular health, weight and, of course, memories..”. Doctors say there are myriad treatments available for people who suffer from sleep disorders. More here

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Frozen Pipe Prevention And Thawing Tips

Dealing with frozen pipes can be an unpleasant and expensive job. You can reduce the chances of your pipes freezing by taking some precautionary measures before extreme temperatures hit. Here are a few tips to help you avoid potential catastrophe: Insulate any exterior wall pipes; open cabinet doors to allow heat from your home to reach sink pipes; trickle water from faucets- moving water is less likely to freeze. When traveling away from home, do not set your thermostat any lower than 55 degrees. If your pipes do freeze, you should open the faucet letting water pass through, even if only a trickle- this will help the pipes to warm faster. More here

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Many Underestimate Lifespan

Research has found that many Americans believe their lives will end sooner rather than later. The study, undertaken in 1992, involved 26,000 participants between the ages of 51 and 61 who were asked to estimate how long they would live. 22 years later, researchers re-visited the study and found that most of the participants underestimated the length of their lives considerably. 49% of participants were wrong when the said they didn’t think they would make it to the age of 75. The statistics raise concern that a large group may not be accurately planning to remain financially stable throughout their later years. More here

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Boomer Housing Myths Debunked

Many Baby Boomers are indeed downsizing, but according to recent data, 46% plan to upsize. Not as many Boomers plan to relocate either, as analysts frequently report; 63% intend to stay in their current homes. Of those planning to relocate, 51% have no plans to move to a retirement community in a sunny locale; 67% will stay within their home State, with 51% planning to stay within 30 miles of their current address. Additionally, many of the survey participants plan on making large upgrades to their current homes. More here

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Staying Healthy During The Winter Months

Cooler weather has arrived in most of the United States, and as we progress further into winter, the colder temperatures can be a hindrance to your health. Cold weather can effect your body in many ways, from depression and body aches to a common head cold. A few things you can do to help stay healthy during the cooler months are: Stay clean- washing your hands regularly helps reduce germs immensely. Dress warmly with plenty of layers to help protect your immune system. Get enough physical activity to help reduce stiffness and reduce your risk of gaining winter weight. Also, Go outside- this will aid both physical and mental health throughout the winter. More here

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Lifestyle Changes May Reduce Possibility Of Stroke

According to the AHA/ASA guidelines, doing all of the following can lessen your risk of stroke immensely: Going on a Mediterranean diet with plenty of nuts included, monitoring your blood pressure with a home device, reducing sodium, getting plenty of daily physical activity, and not smoking. The lead author of a recent study on the correlation between high blood pressure and stroke, James Meschia said, “we have a huge opportunity to improve how we prevent new strokes, because risk factors that can be changed or controlled – especially high blood pressure – account for 90 percent of strokes.” More here

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Inflammatory Arthritis May Increase Heart Disease Risk

A new study illustrates a stronger correlation between inflammatory disease and heart disease. Experts say that having conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis may increase your risk of developing heart disease due to inflammation and plaque buildup in the arteries. Dr. Alexis Ogdie of the rheumatology division in the Perelman School of Medicine said,  “it’s not terribly surprising that there is an increased risk of heart disease because of the similar levels of systemic inflammation.” Medications used to treat inflammation conditions can also help to reduce heart disease risk caused by an underlying condition. More here

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Health Benefits Of Avocados

Many people are under the misapprehension that avocados, high in fat content, should be avoided or avocado consumption should be limited. Avocados are high in monosaturated fat, which carries many health benefits. Avocados help decrease cholesterol and reduce chances of heart disease and stroke. They are are packed full of protein, essential vitamins and minerals. The fruit is also high in fiber and can lower diabetes and cancer risk. They can also help manage weight. More here

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Modern Surgery Less Invasive, Requires Shorter Recovery Time

According to experts, advancements in surgery have made operations less invasive, less painful, and less expensive. Until the last decade, surgery would generally involve a large incision with months of recovery. Thanks to modern technology and highly skilled surgeons, surgery has been revolutionized. Today many surgeries are considered routine and result in very small incisions, taking merely days for recovery. Commonly, more and more surgeries are outpatient, and patients can return home the same day, something that was practically unheard of in past decades. More here

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Alternative Treatment May Diminish Antibiotic Resistance

Experts have concern about the possibility of antibiotics becoming less effective due to resistance, making common bacterial infections deadly. A newly developed treatment tricks bacterial toxins and neutralizes them. Eduard Babiychuk the director of the study said, “we have made an irresistible bait for bacterial toxins. The toxins are fatally attracted to the liposomes, and once they are attached, they can be eliminated easily without danger for the host cells.” More here

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