Know What to Look For When Looking at Your Medical Bills

If you have ever played the kids’ game of Telephone, you know that the more people involved, the crazier the message gets by the time it reaches the last person. If you or your spouse stayed in the hospital, you are the last person in that whisper line, and there may be 250 people handling the billing information before it gets to you. Knowing what to look for can ensure that you are paying only for the items and services used during your stay in the hospital. Read more about how to ensure you are watching out for your pocketbook here.

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Teaching Grandchildren The Value of Investment

If you are thinking of how to pass on something of value to your grandchildren, and you want to do so in a positive and efficient manner, you might consider some of the options open to you by setting up investment plans for them. If their college funds are well endowed, then the next best vehicle might be a Roth IRA. It can be a great way to plan for them, and to teach them about the value of investments as well. Read more here.

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Trending Tech and Independent Senior Living

As the population of seniors in America continues to grow, the market share that they demand continues to grow with it. And the needs of this growing group are changing fast. Seniors are living longer, healthier lives, and they want the added independence that goes along with that extended period of healthy retirement. Tech that keeps seniors living independently is a growing segment, and it is influencing many other areas of the senior marketplace. Read more on the growing senior tech culture here.

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What Ever Happened to Mortgage Burning Parties?

Glenn Miller on the hit parade and a LaSalle parked in the driveway. That’s the scene that might have greeted you the last time you were invited to a mortgage burning party. Yes, if you are old enough to remember them, you might be wondering what happened to them. Well, for one, mortgages are a different animal these days. The way that Americans view their mortgages has changed. Take a listen to this great story on how the end of mortgage burning parties reflects our changing relationship with mortgages. Listen here.

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About Those Health Features…

With so many home run hits to their credit, it’s hard to imagine Apple striking out, but that’s what it looks like with their attempts to blend health-monitoring apps and the Apple Watch. Foiled by dry skin and hairy arms in the transfer of reliable health data from the wearer to the watch, Apple has thrown in the towel. However, Apple may not be out of the game yet, as they are increasing attention to health and activity-monitoring apps for the iPhone. Read more about the watch and Apple’s plans for your health here.



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Do Debts Outlive Us?

Lisa Boesen not only had to deal with the death of her parents, but also with the remnants of their financial lives as well. Credit cards and other debts can create a problem for children and heirs. Problems of which they may not be aware. As with everything in life, each situation can be different, and each debt type can be unique. Usually, immediate creditors are first in line for any assets, followed by secured loans like cars and mortgages. In some cases, credit card debts are written off. Read more here.

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A Toast to Your Good Memory

Revesterol is a compound found in red wine that may, among other health benefits, actually help prevent memory loss. In trials lead by Dr. Ashok K. Shetty, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine and Director of Neurosciences at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Texas A&M University, results indicated that revestorol improved spatial awareness and memory. For more info, read the article here, and for people with more curiosity, you can also read the published paper here.

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Medicaid and Asset Planning

For people early in retirement, planning now for later in life is crucial. The cost of one year in a nursing home facility is hovering around $94,000 these days and funding that potential cost requires financial planning and perhaps a few well-considered strategic moves. You may believe that retaining your assets precludes you from Medicaid, but that’s not necessarily the case. Read a bit more here about how Medicaid and your assets might be able to exist together.

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Why You Need to Think about Diet and Not Dieting

Most everyone in America is in some way bombarded with messages about weight loss. And while losing a few pounds might be a good idea for the majority of people, elder Americans shouldn’t worry so much about losing weight as they should about eating right. Many factors combine with the aging process to create the perfect storm for a poor diet. Issues ranging from loss of smell and taste to difficulty in maintaining healthy levels of microbes in the gut can deteriorate your ability to enjoy a healthy diet for your age. Read more here.

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