Re: Merger of Sisson & Sisson with Ahrens DeAngeli Law Group

I wanted you to be one of the first to let you know that Sisson & Sisson, The Elder Law Firm, PLLC has officially merged with Ahrens DeAngeli Law Group LLP (ADLG). Our new contact information can be found at the bottom of this e-letter, but our old phone number and email will continue to work for you indefinitely.

Our Elder Law Firm is growing and changing to meet the needs of our community. Over the years, as more and more people have learned how our planning protects them and their families, demand has grown for our Elder Law services. This demand has grown to the point that we need more attorneys who have the unique expertise to handle the complicated work our clients need to protect their life savings from the high cost of long-term care.

We have been looking for the right firm to help us meet this growing demand, and we have found it with ADLG. ADLG is committed to supporting and developing our Elder Law practice. They have asked me to head up their Elder Law Department, which will include 3 other attorneys from the firm. This means more support and more expertise supporting you and your family. In fact, ADLG is now the largest and most experienced Elder Law firm in the State of Idaho!

I also want to take this opportunity to tell you a little about ADLG and why I chose to merge my law firm with them. I have known most of the partners at ADLG for many years and have a very high level of respect for their expertise and ethics. They share my goal of providing clients the best legal representation possible as measured by any standard, state or national. Their practice has historically focused on wealth planning, asset protection, estate and tax planning areas.

Our firms really complement each other. The combined firm is now uniquely positioned to provide asset protection assistance for families concerned about the extremely high costs of long-term care, address complicated wealth, tax and business issues and help clients accomplish their inheritance goals. ADLG now provides unparalleled expertise in all aspects of estate planning.

Thank you for allowing me to share this exciting news. As always, don’t hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions or wish to discuss a particular issue. We value and appreciate your trust in us, and we look forward to welcoming you to our new office location when you need us in the future. If you know of friends, family or clients who would benefit from the types of services we offer, we would be thankful for your confidence in sending them to our firm.

Best regards,


Peter C. Sisson

Certified Elder Law Attorney
Certified Estate Planning Law Specialist

Boise: 250 S. Fifth Street, Suite 660, Boise, ID 83702  P.O. Box 9500, Boise, ID 83707-9500
p: 208.639.7799 f: 208.639.7788

Seattle: 1001 Fourth Avenue, Suite 4333, Seattle, WA 98154-1142
p: 206.652.0101 f: 206.223.2230 /

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Certain Foods May Be Draining Your Energy

If you have noticed feeling fatigued after eating, it may be the food you are consuming that is sapping your energy. A few foods that may make you feel lethargic or lazy are: Bananas, they are full of magnesium, a mineral that acts as a natural muscle relaxant. White bread and white rice have a high glycemic index and make you feel sluggish after consumption. Red meat can also drain your energy due to its high-fat content and the energy required to break it down. Surprisingly, coffee and tea made the list, as well. While many people think of coffee or tea as a pick-me-up, data suggest that it may do the reverse. R.D., Dawn Napoli said, “they give you a quick burst of alertness for maybe an hour or an hour and a half but eventually you to crash and burn when the caffeine wears off.” More here

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Boomer Generation May Be Delaying Downsizing

Home price appreciation is growing, and many baby boomers are intimidated by rising prices, causing some to stay in their over-sized family homes. Some experts forecast things to change over the coming years, expecting the baby boomer generation to move out of their current single-family homes and downsize to apartments, condos, and smaller homes. Data suggests that downsizing is not as common as it used to and may come later in life than in years past. Experts expect the big baby boomer downsize movement to take place within the next ten years when the generation hits the age where downsizing is more a necessity. More here

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Top Fears Among Those Approaching Retirement

As retirement comes closer, stress usually increases. Every retiree wants to be sure they will be comfortable during their years of leisure. Early preparations can help decrease stress and make you feel more at ease as retirement years come closer. Some fears that most retirees worry about when approaching their retirement are: Running out of funds; do some estimations and research to figure out how much needs to be saved to be comfortable during retirement, and work toward that goal to help eliminate concerns. Being bored; during retirement you typically don’t work, and you may have a few extra hours of free time. Take this time to take up a new hobby or learn something new. New activities will also help keep your mind fresh and engaged. Health care is another major concern for many; insurance will cover most costs, but you should also try to build an emergency health fund to ensure all problems will be covered. More here

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Tips To Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

As summer winds to a close, mosquitoes can still be a problem in parts of the United States. There are plenty of products on the market that promise to repel mosquitoes or to relieve the itch caused by their bite. Experts say there are safer ways to keep mosquitoes away without buying chemical solutions. Keeping your outdoor area free of standing water will help decrease the amount of mosquitoes near your house, as they will have no place to lay their eggs. Lay sand underneath moist decks, and if you have an ornamental pool, you can stock it with mosquito fish (top-feeding minnows). Set up a fan to create a wind effect, wind stops mosquitoes from biting. There are also devices available to purchase such as  LarvaSonic, bug zappers, ultrasonic mosquito repellents, citronella smoke, and home misting systems. Experts advise that if you know you will be outside for a long period, putting on a bug repellent with the ingredient Picaridin is a safe option. More here

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Tips To Help Declutter Your Home Before Relocating

Decluttering your home is a necessity when preparing to relocate. Many seniors who are looking to downsize or move into an independent living facility need ample time to clean out their homes. A few ways to declutter your home before a move are: Involve your children, let them know about the task at hand and invite them to take things they may be interested in keeping. They can also assist by cleaning out any of their belongings that were left in the house in the past. Work on one room at a time so you won’t get overwhelmed. Also, label piles in categories such as sell pile, trash pile and giveaway pile. More here

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Potassium May Lower Risk Of Stroke

Recent research finds that older women may benefit from a high potassium diet. Studies show that potassium-rich diets in older women may reduce the risk of stroke by 12%, and increase life expectancy when compared to women who do not consume as much daily potassium. Many older women are not receiving enough daily potassium in their diets. Experts suggest that older women increase their amount of potassium intake after speaking with your health provider. More here

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Natural Remedies For Back Pain

Back pain affects approximately 85% of people during their lives, many of whom seek out natural ways to treat the problem. While painkillers usually provide temporary pain relief, the problem still exists. A few ways you can naturally relieve back pain and address the underlying problem are: Keep your back straight and try not to slouch. Partake in moderate daily exercise to decrease pain and keep from gaining excess weight; having a high BMI creates extra stress on the body, particularly the back. Try herbal remedies, ginger reduces inflammation and may help reduce pain caused by inflammation. More here

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Medicare Coverage Outside Of The U.S.

Many seniors may be confused about what Medicare covers while traveling overseas. In most cases, Medicare outside of the United States is not available. Experts have listed a couple of things to do before traveling abroad in order to receive the best medical assistance: Purchase travel insurance and plan for an emergency evacuation. If traveling for a long period, one year or longer, you will want to consider keeping your Medicare. Canceling and then enrolling into Medicare again upon your return can delay your enrollment. You may also have to pay an enrollment fee. More here

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Pistachios May Lower Risk Of Diabetes

According to a recent trial, pistachios may help decrease the risk of type-2 diabetes. A new study states that people who are prediabetic, those with higher-than-average blood sugar levels not yet considered diabetic, may be able to lower their risk of becoming diabetic by consuming approximately two ounces of pistachios daily. The study showed that pistachios helped lower blood sugar and insulin levels while also decreasing inflammation. Experts suggest that any variety of nut may help lower blood sugar levels, along with many other health benefits. More here


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Foods That Are Great Sources Of Potassium

Low potassium can cause numerous problems such as cramping, fatigue, and heart problems. It also aids in converting carbohydrates into glycogen or energy. After doing any vigorous activity, it is a smart idea to replenish your body with potassium to help your muscles repair and grow. Most people think immediately of banana when looking for a potassium boost. A few foods that have more potassium in them than a banana are: Sweet Potatoes, a sweet potato that is approximately 5 inches long or weighs around 130 grams has approximately 438 mg of potassium in it. Avocado, just one slice of avocado has 708 mg of potassium. Non-fat plain yogurt is also a great source of potassium. 8 ounces of plain non-fat yogurt has 579 grams of potassium. Yogurt is also a good source of protein. More here

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