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Boise Family Experience With Dementia


The Idaho Statesman ran a story today about one family’s experience with dementia.  It is a must read.  Unpaid family caregivers are a huge part of what makes old age work in any society; in ours they are much under-appreciated.  Its description of aphasia seemed especially spot on.

The article can […]

September 8, 2015|Estate Planning, Long-Term Care|

Recent Fair Hearing Changes Department Position on Retirement Accounts?

Retirement accounts held in the name of the community spouse should be exempt and not a countable resource in a Medicaid application.  A recent Medicaid application denial and subsequent fair hearing decision puts that long held Idaho rule in jeopardy.  In that case, the applicant had used a portion of […]

August 17, 2015|Estate Planning, Long-Term Care|

Qualifying for Medicaid: Countable and NonCountable Assets

Under Medicaid law, assets are either “countable” or “exempt.” Countable assets affect the individual’s immediate Medicaid eligibility and must be transferred, restructured, or spent down in order for the person to become eligible for Medicaid benefits. Exempt assets, in contrast, are not counted towards the individual’s Medicaid eligibility.

Remember this basic […]

July 13, 2015|Estate Planning, Long-Term Care|

Is Medicare and/or Medicaid Paying for Unnecessary Care?

An article in the New Yorker recently discussed studies indicating widespread recommendations by physicians of care that studies show to be of little or no use to the patient. In addition to the other ways in which we need to act to bring the cost of care under […]

May 6, 2015|Long-Term Care|

Planning Tips for Assisted Living

Friends at nursing homeThe search for assisted living can be a difficult path to travel. The primary concern is that the choice of living situation offers as much comfort and enjoyment as possible, while also marking all the appropriate  boxes, like […]

March 23, 2015|Long-Term Care|

America’s Nursing Homes

NPR’s Diane Rehm today hosted a show titled “Rating the Quality of America’s Nursing Homes.” It was a wonderful show, which highlighted many of the issues we talk about in our practice. Please take some time to listen:

Rating the Quality of America’s Nursing […]

March 11, 2015|Long-Term Care|

ABC Nightline Segment on Alzheimer’s

ABC’s recent Nightline segment on Alzheimer’s did a great job of discussing what it is like caring for a parent with this disease. They discuss an experiment where children attempt to understand what it is like for the parent. This is a must watch for caregivers.


March 10, 2015|Long-Term Care|