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“As soon as I hired you, before you’d even done anything, a huge weight was lifted off me because I knew that you would be handling everything for me.”

– Francis

“You guys have been great . . . patient and professional over the years. Thank you so much for everything!”

– Pam

“Sisson and Sisson is the firm we’ve been looking for for over 5 years. After very unsatisfactory experiences with other attorneys in town. Pete and his staff are great! We were able to take care of all our needs—financial, wills, elder advice, etc. in an expeditious and professional, yet very personal manner. We really felt that they had our interests at heart; that Pete personally cared about helping us.”

– Randy and Bobbi

“In 2005, my mom was showing obvious signs of dementia and needed the care only a nursing home could provide. At that time, my family hired Sisson & Sisson to help guide us through the many decisions and challenges we would face caused by this disease and its financial consequences. Upon my first meeting with Pete Sisson, I knew I was in good hands and have continued to be happy and grateful that his team is available to me for assistance with paperwork, care referrals and the many other issues families face when a loved one is taken down by Alzheimer’s. They have been especially helpful and knowledgeable in guiding me through the ever-changing issues as the disease progresses and as financial concerns become paramount. They promptly respond to email questions and requests for meetings at the office. They listens to my concerns, fully answer my questions and — almost as important — provides good cheer when it is most needed. I really appreciate everyone’s positive attitude! It has been my pleasure to refer Sisson & Sisson to friends and acquaintances who are also faced with Elder Care issues and am confident that they will be given the same respect and excellent service that I have received.”

– Kaycie

“Janet and I want to thank you for your help and kindness during the aftermath of the death of her mother. We would also like to thank you for recommending a professional fiduciary to handle this estate for us. Our meetings with you and your staff leave us with a strong sense of security knowing that all the details are in the hands of professionals.”

– David and Janet

“Pete, I am in awe and have the utmost respect for your professional abilities and how you used them to help our family.

I will always remember your amazing ability to “connect” with my mother. Thank you also to the very professional and kind staff in your firm.”

– Steve

“I could not have done this without you. Your guidance and support for me personally was invaluable. There was no one else to help me help my mom. There were so many complicated issues and you worked through each one of them! You showed the utmost concern and care for me and my mother, from the person at the front desk to your entire team. You held my hand, wiped my tears and encouraged me when I needed it and told me get out there and get it done. They have been my life support. Thank you.”

– Patsy

“It has been a few weeks now since we received news that the hearing determined that Dad was eligible for benefits and it is still settling in that the fight is finally over. Thank you for being so quick to respond to our calls, emails and questions throughout this process, it really helped that we never felt alone. It is wonderful to have someone who knows the level of care the center should be providing and seeing to it that Dad is cared for at that level or above. Thank you so much for always making us feel welcome and comfortable in your office. It may seem like a small thing, but when you are going through something like this, it helps more than you know, to see so many smiling faces when we come in or hear an upbeat voice over the phone. It really helped us to feel that things would be OK. Pete, your honest, open and direct style was very much appreciated as was the compassion you showed, especially with regards to my mother, who was struggling so much in the face of what was, for all of us, an overwhelming process. I cannot imagine how the average elderly couple manages to navigate this system, especially when the process is riddled with vague “guidelines” that are open to interpretation of state employees who never meet those applying for benefits and who’s guidelines seem to assume that everyone is trying to get away with something. Without the knowledge and guidance that you provide, surely most couples are at great risk of ending up with one in a care facility and the other facing the remainder of their lives destitute. I believe that you and your team have saved my parents from this fate and I am eternally grateful. On behalf of my mother, my father and my entire family we hope you all feel the pride and satisfaction that comes with doing a job that helps people and doing it so professionally. Here is to wishing you all the very best!”

– Cliff

“When the nursing home heard that you were representing me, the care got better.”

– Dee and Bill

“Everyone here says you are the best in the state.”

What a client’s son heard about Sisson & Sisson from the staff while visiting his parents at a local long-term care facility.

– Jerry

“As soon as the nursing home found out Sisson & Sisson was involved in representing my dad, their responsiveness to us improved dramatically. They take notice of our concerns now.”

– Coleen (daughter of William and Jean)

“We all have great appreciation and admiration for your services and attitudes!”

– William and Rose

“The Social Worker from Nampa Care Center recommended your service and I am very grateful. You have taken the stress from the many, many volumes of paper work necessary for Medicaid approval. Thank you Peter and your entire staff.”

– Bill

“I met with three lawyers from three different firms regarding my parent’s estate before coming to Pete Sisson and his team at Sisson & Sisson. Initially, I did not believe I needed the comprehensive plan proposed by the team, but as we progressed through the various meeting, I realized that the work provided by Sisson & Sisson was exceptional and I had greatly underestimated the value of their services. Every person I have spoken to in the office has been extremely knowledgeable and willing to talk extensively about their specialty area, whether it is long-term care, veteran issues or other estate planning. I feel very confident that my parents and their estate will get the best care possible through the thoroughness and knowledge of the Sisson & Sisson team.”

– Amy

“I am very pleased with your services and feel it was a wise investment to have hired you, as I could never have done it alone.”

– Gayle

“When we were in your office for our initial visit – I could feel the weight lifting from my shoulders. You could take care of things I knew nothing about – I have my life back.”

– Cynthia

“My wife and I were not prepared to deal with the escalating maze of questions associated with my father’s estate planning and long-term care needs. It has been such a relief to have the Sisson & Sisson team of professionals helping my wife and I make what are now informed decisions. We wish we had hired them two years ago!”

– Travis

“Thank you so much for preparing our estate planning. Everyone was so friendly at your office, you explained everything so thoroughly for us, and you’ve given us great peace of mind.”

– Bob and Ann

“My son and I are very pleased with the informative meetings and the legal actions taken so far on behalf of the welfare of my husband and me. You and your great staff are excellent in what you do. There is a vast amount of data to remember and I feel for a person who has little or no knowledge of their affairs, it could be overwhelming. Just keep on doing the great job that you have been.”

– Esther

“The Sisson & Sisson Elder Law Firm has been a God Send to our family. After going through all the steps with them to sort out our legal affairs, we have learned a great deal and accomplished a lot. Every member of the firm has been exceptionally polite and caring to our concerns. We feel that we have received a bargain and made wonderful friends.”

– Elaine

“Our family could not be happier with the help, professionalism, and congeniality of all the people at Sisson and Sisson”

– Lavon

“After we hired you for Life Care Planning for our parents we felt like we received the “Rolls Royce” as far as services.”

– Nell

“We all have great appreciation and admiration for your services and attitudes!”

– William

“Words cannot express our Thanks – you are capable, responsive, caring and professional – we will highly recommend you to others we know that have the need for your services, as you have been wonderful to work with.”

– Jacque

“Any time I had a question or a problem the staff was there to help.”

– Larry

“Also you should tell your team at Sisson and Sisson, that a local Sterling Savings Bank employee sent the Power of Attorney papers to someone who looks those things over at a main office and that person said they were the most clear and comprehensive POA’s that she’d seen, particularly in reference to the area including IRA’s. Thanks for the great work!”

– Amy

“The help from your team has been invaluable. It has saved me countless hours and from making innumerable mistakes. Your help in understanding the nursing home and your staff’s help with working through the intricacies of the State of Idaho Medicaid was just huge. I’ve referred a number of people to you and I would be glad to speak to anyone who is considering becoming your client to share my experience with them.”

– Garth

“Sisson and Sisson is a caring and competent law firm. I felt very secure knowing they were representing, and watching over me.”

– Willy

“Sisson and Sisson is a very professional Elder Law Firm. The staff is very educated, kind and caring. They always made us feel welcome and cared about our concerns.”

– Sue

“How do you thank someone that has helped you through the most difficult time in your life? In 1999 my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. A small decline in his everyday life was evident. In 2003 he started having difficulty walking. He then was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I started researching this disease more and more. I took my husband to doctor after doctor, trying to accept what the future would hold. It was at that point I knew I needed to start getting my financial & legal matters in order. I knew if I didn’t, I would be facing financial hardship. A friend of mine told me about the Alzheimer’s Association and that they were having an elder lawyer as a guest speaker in Caldwell. I attended the meeting and every meeting after that that Peter was going to be the speaker. At each meeting I would get little bits of information until I felt comfortable about what I needed to do. I then called Peter Sisson and set up an appointment in November 2004. It was the beginning of a new and enlightening experience. Peter’s law firm helped me through the legal planning in preparation of pending long term care, helped me in preserving my assets, guided me through the Medicaid process for my husband’s care, etc. My husband continued to decline to the point I could no longer take care of him @ home. I then put him in an assisted living home until he reached the point of them no longer being able to care for him. It was time for the nursing home. In July 2009, I once again went to Peter for assistance with the application for Medicaid benefits, as the cost was $6000.00 per month and there was no way in the world I could affort that. Peter and his wonderful staff helped me through this difficult application process. Because of the previous information I obtained from all of his meetings I attended, I was somewhat prepared, but not entirely. They guided me through all of it. There was never a time I didn’t feel as if I couldn’t call and ask questions or advice. I have always been treated with courtesy and respect and it never once came with an additional fee. My husband passed away on January 16, 2010. Peter and his staff are still assisting me with the many questions I have and are still guiding me through some of the processes. Thank you Peter Sisson & your wonderful staff for all you have done and are still doing for me.”

– Wanda

“After several months of precious time my family and I have had to spend with my Mom, she passed away on Sunday. I wanted to express my deepest heartfelt thanks, Sisson and Sisson and The Care Management Team. Their devotion to providing compassionate and highly skilled advice, walking us through the Medicaid process and helping to remove barriers before they were encountered have allowed myself and my family to spend more time and energy enjoying these last few months with my Mom. They have helped to make this journey a cherished memory for myself and each and every one of my family members. Through the weeks and months I appreciated each phone call, email and conference and all the countless hours dedicated to helping simplify this process. I feel blessed to have such wonderful colleagues and friends in this great work that we do. You have truly made a difference in our lives. Thank you so much.”

– Rick