There’s Good News, And There’s Bad News For Seniors And Those Who Love Them

The good news is that due to healthier lifestyles and the miracles of modern medicine, seniors are living longer than ever before in history. The bad news is, those same seniors are often out-living their money, and even the ability to care for themselves.

As a society, we can’t quite figure out what to do about it. Medicare pays medical procedures like hip replacements or heart surgery, but does not cover long term care for chronic conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s disease, COPD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, MS, ALS, or others.   Nor does Medicare cover the on-going care that seniors need after suffering a stroke or a fall.

Until we face up to this problem, the crushing burdens for chronic care management — financial, emotional, even physical — fall on families and loved ones.

At The Elder Law Group at Ahrens DeAngeli Law Group, we focus on Elder Law and closely related practice areas, including Medicaid Planning, Elder Focused Estate Planning (which is a specialty different from general estate planning), Veterans Benefits Planning, and Alzheimer’s Planning.

We guide our valued clients through the maze of financial and legal decisions that are part of growing older. We strive to protect our clients’ hard-earned assets, ensure they receive the quality care they need, and ultimately, provide greater peace of mind through proper planning.

If you are looking for a law firm that understands the specific legal needs of seniors, and is dedicated to providing the personalized service and mastery of the law necessary to meet those needs, you have come to the right place.

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