Act now to protect what you’ve spent a lifetime earning

Planning now saves dollars and brings peace of mind.

You’ve spent a your life working and saving to acquire what you have. Now you need to make sure that:

  • You have enough to live your current lifestyle for the rest of your life.
  • Your estate will pass down to your heirs in exactly the way you want, at the lowest possible cost, avoiding probate and other unnecessary court procedures.
  • You avoid the common traps that befall those who do not plan at all and those who try to prepare estate planning documents without professional assistance.

The Ahrens DeAngeli Law Group helps individuals and families accomplish their planning goals by putting solid estate planning tools in place that serve you now and in the future. Many people procrastinate about putting important estate planning documents in place. Planning now will give you the peace of mind to know that your affairs are in order and you have made things easier for your spouse, children and other heirs.

By working with us to put in place your estate plan, you can rest assured that your concerns about the high cost of long-term care expenses can be addressed in the planning process if that is one of your goals.

At Ahrens DeAngeli Law Group, we’ve helped many seniors with their estate planning. By starting a relationship with our firm, you can gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we will be there for you if you need long-term care.

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Estate Planning News

Starting the Estate Planning Process

When you meet with us to begin the estate planning process, we’ll ask you a number of questions such as:

  • What is your family situation? Tell me about your family members and how you would like your estate distributed to them.
  • What is your financial situation? Do you have any special concerns?
  • Are you secure in your current lifestyle?
  • Are you concerned about outliving your money?
  • What current plans do you have in place if you were to become disabled?
  • Have you done any planning for possible long-term care expenses?
  • What planning do you want to put in place for your children and grandchildren?
  • Do you have any family members with special needs or who may need financial protection?
  • Are you interested in leaving a legacy in other ways, perhaps to one or more charities?

At your consultation, we will educate you about the world of estate planning options available that will best meet your particular needs and goals. We promise that you will come away from that meeting with some valuable insights into your current situation, and that we will be ready to move forward to put the right estate planning tools to work not only for you, but also for your entire family’s benefit.